středa 5. listopadu 2014

Mýty o zdanění internetu

"Myth 1: Taxation of internet access is unprecedented in liberal democracies. It isn’t.
Myth 2: The internet is currently tax-free in Hungary. It isn’t.
Myth 3: Communications are special, at least they do not suffer from any targeted tax just for them. They do.
Myth 4: The proposed tax is insignificantly small. It isn’t.
Myth 5: But customers will not notice, tax is levied on providers and they are banned from passing it on. That’s simply impossible.
Myth 6: At least it’s a cheaply administered tax, gigabytes of traffic are easily observable. No it isn’t because they aren’t.
Myth 7: The Hungarian tax just sets the playing field straight. No, it distorts it.
Myth 8: The cap at least makes the tax fair. No, it doesn’t, it may even do the opposite."

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