středa 22. ledna 2014

NSA: jen žádné Obamy

Daron Acemoglu a James Robinson píší o Obamovi a NSA:

"However decent and restrained an individual might be, as soon as he ascends to a position of supreme power, he is likely to behave just like other powerful leaders and support the domination of the state or society with little regard to civil liberties.

But if so, it would be naïve for us to expect the state to police itself.

If the state will be restrained, if it will be responsible and accountable to its citizens and civil society, if it will respect civil liberties, it will not do this out of its own volition. It will do it because society will force it to do so.

If so, Obama will not pardon him and Obama will not thank him, but perhaps we should all thank Edwards Snowden."

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