středa 10. září 2014

Měli by libertariáni být pro zachování EU?

Podle Dalibora Roháče ano:

" It seems plausible that bad European legislation is acting in part as a substitute for bad domestic legislation. That does not make it any better, of course, but it should shed some doubt on the notion that, if it weren’t for the EU, national policymakers would be adopting significantly better policies." 

"The EU often acts in ways that are inimical to freedom and prosperity. But so do other political organizations, groups, and movements, and we need a sense of perspective to identify our key enemies. For one, I am much more afraid of the rise of Europe’s neo-reaction, of Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambitions in the EU’s immediate neighborhood, of the ties that connect the regime in the Kremlin with the populist nationalists within the EU, and of the damage that these can generate when in power. These are not just abstract threats. In Hungary, Viktor Orban – who wants to create a Hungarian alternative to liberal democracy, inspired by Russia and China – already nationalized the pension systempopulated the board of the central bank with his political cronies, and helped elect a former skinhead as the deputy speaker of the Hungarian Parliament."

"One reason why it is not easy to pin down the real counterfactual to EU membership comes from a famous paper by Richard Lipsey and Kelvin Lancaster, outlining the idea of the ‘second-best’, published in 1956 in Review of Economic Studies. Its idea, in simple terms, is that in a world with multiple distortions, it is far from obvious that removing one such distortion in isolation (say EU membership) will move us closer to the desired state of affairs as it is possible that the other distortions (say, petty nationalism) might then become ‘binding’."

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  1. elect a former skinhead as the deputy speaker of the Hungarian Parliament

    Rekl bych ze deputy speaker je prd ve srovnani s President of the European Commission a skinhead neni horsi nez maoista. Jde to vsude do sr*.